New Album Review: I Am Kloot – Let It All In

Album Collection
Album Collection (Photo credit: maddenman2000)

In today's music review Freddie Matthews reviews an album from his collection of favourite music by a band who call themselves I Am Kloot. If you like unusual lyrics and are a fan of the Manchester scene then you will like this band. The new album is called Let It All In and as you can see from the cover of the album they like to keep things very simple, the artwork on the cover I am sure you agree is very plain and simple, looks are very encouraging.

I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot have played live on the fringes for many years just like Elbow Freddie thinks they are well overdue a prize for good music to read more about this positive review then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read the full review there.

  I Am Kloot - Natural History
I Am Kloot - Natural History (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I Am Kloot were nominated back in 2010 for a the Mercury prize and everybody at that time said they had very nice poetry.  Having good poetry was not enough to win the Mercury Award.

They had very stiff competition The xx released a really popular album in 2010 called xx and that won the award instead. However any nomination for any prize does not go unnoticed I Am Kloot  got some really good press after this nomination. Freddie has supplied a quote from John Bramwell a member of the band who describes I Am Kloot as “Songs about drinking and disaster” and there are some other interesting observations from a fan of this band.
Over My Shoulder (I Am Kloot song)
Over My Shoulder (I Am Kloot song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Freddie says this is the sixth album he has purchased from this band and he says he likes the name of the album Let It All In from I am Kloots. Freddie  is a big fan of Guy Garvey and can relate with his speed of implementation of getting new albums out there. Its not great to procrastinate but we all do it right?
BBC Radio 1 John Peel Sessions (I Am Kloot album)
BBC Radio 1 John Peel Sessions (I Am Kloot album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Freddie confesses to liking many genres of music especially blues and bands with a nice drum beat. He makes a few comparisons with the band saying 'Portishead or even Nina Simone' sound very similar to I Am Klout. Freddie says Guy Garvey influenced Elbow a lot so I suppose he means Gary Garvey perhaps influenced Elbow too.

I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge
Moolah Rouge

I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In this positive review you can easily find the tracks you need from the very first best opening track to tunes you might want to mix into your iPlayer to create contrast one great suggestion among many is the  John Lennon track so look out for that too.
I Am Kloot II
I Am Kloot Live I Am Kloot II (Photo credit: Gnal)
 If you have not heard of I Am Kloot then Freddie Mathews in his positive fan base review suggests you try Sky At Night as a good place to start. Source Stirring Trouble Internationally