Entertainment * David Bowie Is Back From Space * By Freddie Mathews

Last seen somewhere near to Mars circa 2003, David Bowie has landed back on earth and with a mighty media explosion. London the news in about David Bowie released single. The last song released by David was about 10 years ago.
English: David Bowie Logo (First Album)

Expect to read comparisons with artist Jeff Wayne War Of The World’s New album.

You can also expect to read all about his long-term producer Tony Visconti who helped with the albums over the years production, albums as far back as in 1969 the Space Oddity album.

David Bowie

Bowie was invited to the London Olympic Opening Ceremony recently by Danny Boyle for his rituals but due to ill health David gave it a miss. They played his 'Heroes' song which went down really well.

David Bowie

If you like a good old Olympic anthem and want to know more about heroic songs that people can aspire to and generally get you motivated then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
  Signature of David Bowie
British rock royalty has returned and we should all bow to respect that by going over to iTunes and having a listen.
Jim Bob's insight:
David Bowie is back from space after ten years his new album projected to release around March. You can hope to read about Berlin, Bowie, Danny Boyle, David Bowie, iTunes, London, space, Space Oddity and Tony Visconti in today's post.
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