Will Hugo Chávez Pull Off A Miracle?

In this article you will find out about geo politics and South American studies. Mario Lopez writes from Caracas about controlled media in South America, learn about how South America's economy is doing exceedingly well and navigate around the things that have been implemented that worked and get a better understanding of things that have not worked so well.

English: CARACAS. With President of Venezuela ...

Mario focuses is prospective on Venezuela and President Hugo Chávez. Get the latest updates about his health and the amazing treatment available for cancer in Cuban clinics in areas of Havana.

Hugo Chavez

Get the instructions being broadcasted on television by Vice President Nicolás Maduro to Venezuelans via TV to keep the people motivated whilst their long standing leader is going through treatment for cancer and how Twitter is another way people are keeping updated about these things.

English: HAVANA.With President of the Council ...
English: HAVANA.With President of the Council of State and Council of Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro. Русский: ГАВАНА. С Председателем Государственного совета и Совета министров Кубы Раулем Кастро. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
    Chávez has been in power for almost 14 years and is due another inauguration soon find out about this and how this happens and why these sorts of things happen. Those of you studying socio political studies will be interested to read up about Marxist socialist agenda's and you will learn how to create contrast with the United States and find out empirical methods previously used in South America.

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Mario Lopez has a great understanding of commodities in the area and you will find out some useful information about that. For example look out for vital bits of information of fuel commodities coming from certain areas to get a better understanding of the history of Venezuela, the relationships with countries all around the world Russia, China and the US.
Hugo Chavez, Bird Lover
Hugo Chavez, Bird Lover (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
In addition found out more about the counter culture that has created an impression on the most educated people around the world for many years.

This includes anti-America bloc in Latin America. Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia share his distaste for liberal economics and freedom of the press and look out for Mario's tip from a Castro quote that is key to understanding the socialist economy for capitalism in services sectors around the world.

Hugo Chávez

In addition in this article get updates on political news about the 'National Assembly' and find out why Nicolás Maduro is Chavez's number one man for the job should the treatment for cancer not work out. 

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