Pakistan Plans To Hand Over Afghanistan To The Taliban After 2014. So All The Blood And Money Expended There Have Been In Vain

Parvez Kayani
Pakistan Hezbi Islami
Another article for Pakistan from Mehmet Ali who is in Islamabad and has studied a document which manifested recently to help end the war in Afghanistan

Pakistani Chief of Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Afghan officials helped create the manifesto which shapes what goes where and when things should happen.

india calcutta bookstore
India calcutta bookstore (Photo credit: FriskoDude)
 Mehmet takes a good look at the different groups in the area mentioned in the manifesto. Find out more about the  Taliban, Hizb-e Islami and other Islamist groups to take over Afghanistan over on Stirring Trouble Internationally 2015.
Washington states that it played no official role in the discussions about post-2014 Afghanistan. It would appear that the only role left for the US military is to disarm armed extremists and, of course, provide money to keep the country afloat. Mehmet Ali
Amis, get out!
War in Afghanistan (2001-present)
Find out more about Pakistan, the Afghan people and the new regimes being constructed.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally

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