Western Politicians Stand On The Terrorist Attack In Algeria.

Algeria (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

In today's analysis we take a brief look at Anton Goryunov reports from Cairo about Western politicians and the response in the news to the recent terrorist attack at the gas plant in Algeria.
In today's post we trace the exact route terrorists took to arrive in Mali and with weapons from Libya and a little bit more information about the country in general, to find out more about what Anton is saying go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Algerian gas plant

François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron are very good friends and they have been taking a noble look at the dangers of terrorism in North Africa.

They also look at some interesting things from other countries who visit Libya, have interests in Egypt and both countries are doing the best they can to help out after all these troubles.
Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecologi...
Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the sub-Saharan area (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Nicolas Sarkozi and the Libyan sovereign are in talks with the Libyan authorities in no particular order about oil, gas contracts Libyan freedom and democracy. France is despite the problems with the euro sent French troops to Mali, to save it from Al Qaeda in Syria and I think Islamist s in Egypt.
Middle East map
Looking back on the Arab Spring and the disastrous developments which followed we can safely assume that the West blew it in the Middle East and North Africa in a big way. Some interesting comments are made by Anton in today's post about banking so if you like banking this is something you should not miss. Again find out more about Tony Blair international diplomacy, Western Policies and the recent terrorist attack in Algeria.
 François Hollande
François Hollande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)