Mali – Let The Africans Sort It Our Themselves. Why The Hell France And The Are Getting Involved?

The troubles in Algeria are a strong reminder for France and they do not want that sort of thing happening again. So with that in mind today's article is coming to you from Africa. The battles there are picking up and are projected to last a few weeks.

French troops in Mali
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The Tricolore cockade of the French Air Force ...
Ollie Makepeace is in Timbuktu and he says " The French air force is bombing what they think are Islamist sites in Mali ". In this article he interviews a couple of people from Mali who have been waiting for over two weeks for backup to arrive and help them.

An S&R Sea King from RAF Leconfield.
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 Constructively the British Royal Air Force fly in French supplies and backup and the mission according to Ollie has oddly been called CREEP. With all that is going on here in the UK I find it surprising that the French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has asked Britain for help in these matters.

Rebels fighting for Diabaly preparing to assault urban targets in France itself. Britain too has increased security because terrorism is but a short hop across the English Channel. So who are the French afraid of?

Islamist fighters in Mali
It is the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who thinks the troubles will only last a few weeks.

Source ' Mali – Let The Africans Sort It... ' Stirring Trouble Internationally