Were You Surprised That Britain Got Involved In Another War Abroad? You Were? Well That’s Strange

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about war in Mali. The logic of Western governments with help from NATO  improve things in Afghanistan.

Deutsch: Hand der Fatima, Felsformation bei Ho...
Deutsch: Hand der Fatima, Felsformation bei Hombori, Mali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 In the Iraq war In 2002, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1441 which called for Iraq to completely cooperate with UN weapon inspectors to verify that Iraq was not in possession of WMD and cruise missiles.

English: Image of Timbuktu manuscripts.
English: Image of Timbuktu manuscripts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Labour and Tony Blair  forces out of the country treacherous political rulers with the approval from David Cameron.

Trouble (Photo credit: /\ \/\/ /\)
The British military to teach new skills to the Malian armed forces. Studying abroad is the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own.

This can include primary, secondary and post-secondary students. The number of students studying abroad represents only about 1% of all students enrolled at institutions of higher education. The British military and the French troops since Vietnam for the army and military.

Philip Hammond

And with Mali no one even bothers to talk about freedom and democracy and people power, with the Arab Spring putting an end to all that rubbish.

It’s a war against Islamist militants this time, pure and simple. Militants get inspiration from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria get training and arms.

English: The Russian Orthodox Church Outside R...
English: The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia chapel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
 The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (Russian: Ру́сская Правосла́вная Це́рковь Заграни́цей, Russkaya Pravoslavnaya Tserkov' Zagranitsey), also called the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, ROCA, or ROCOR, is a semi-autonomous part of the Russian Orthodox Church.

English: Russian Orthodox Church in Luxembourg...
English: Russian Orthodox Church in Luxembourg City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROCOR was formed as a jurisdiction of Eastern Orthodoxy as a response against the policy of Bolsheviks with respect to religion in the Soviet Union soon after the Russian Revolution of 1917, and separated from the Russian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in 1927 after an imprisoned Patriarch Sergius I of Moscow pledged the Church’s qualified loyalty to the Bolshevik state.
Riga Russian Orthodox church
Riga Russian Orthodox church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia officially signed the Act of Canonical Communion with the Moscow Patriarchate on May 17, 2007 restoring the canonical link between the churches. Critics of the reunification argue that the issue of KGB infiltration of the Moscow Patriarchate church hierarchy has not been addressed by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian Orthodox Church, Ninilchik, Alaska
Russian Orthodox Church, Ninilchik, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The Church has over 400 parishes worldwide, and an estimated membership of over 15,000 people. Within the ROCOR there are 13 hierarchs, and also monasteries and nunneries in the United States.
Here we go again: Britain is dragged into another war. But at least there's no talk of freedom and democracy this time.
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