The Internet, Not The Communist Party, Now Rules In China

The internet is becoming a forum for free speech. Not if the Party can help it.This is a compassionate post about China and its influence on the Internet. Read all about how Gu Suhua writes from Beijing about Lu Wei.
Read some interesting snippets of news from the city of Beijing and read all about what is hot in the Communist Party of China right now. Read further if you are English and like reading about the greatest thing since sliced bread. Read all about why more and more people are choosing Weibo as there number one choice over Twitter. In this post you will read some interesting things about how right now popular theorists are deploying  propagandists theories and explaining why, some of which is related to the speed at which these things change. Read all about the victories of  Weibo and how  China andXi Jinping, are blending Yankee imperialism with social media ideology.
18th part congress
As a summary you can also find out more about the Gross Domestic Product and how various parties are catering for various tribes on social media.
Jim Bob's insight:
Today we take a look at what is being said in Beijing about Social Media in China. You can read all about the social media party in China. You will learn some interesting things about the gross domestic product gain more of an incite about the Internet in China and find out what is going to happen over the next few months according to Lü Wei, Twitter and mainly Weibo a new popular micro site. You can also find out a bit more about Xi Jinping.
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