Obama Wants Chuck Hagel As Secretary Of Defence.

Chuck Hagel

Today a new author over on Stirring Trouble Internationally Louis S Keepen writes from Washington about President Obama and how if he nominated Chuck Hagel, a one time soldier who was decorated with a couple of purple hearts what things would need be discussed before any more actions are taken.

Chuck is a Republican Senator from Nebraska soon to be Secretary of Defence of the USA and a supporter and Allie of Israel. He has the view that both sides, both residents in Israel are in a war not of their making.
Chuck Hagel - Caricature
Don Keyotey

The Director of the CIA , Senator John Kerry and Chuck Hagel a happy threesome ready to work with Iran, I wonder of how much is that true and I wonder if Obama see's it this way too.

Find out more about what goes where in the United States and the sensitive discussions about Syria and Iran and the Department of the Treasury over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Chuck Hagel

Find out more about the Jewish lobby and the people that coined the phrase and where stand in these things, broaden your perspective on the topic of war and religion and find out more about what people think. 

More importantly find out what people are saying right now by reading the interesting article about Chuck Hagel as a Secretary of Defence in 2013 and beyond.

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If you or your country are already a  superpower then this post is for you, again if you or your country are thinking about becoming a superpower then this is probably stuff you ought to know about. 

Find out all about  Iran’s nuclear programme, stumble upon the conversations that are happening in the White House and improve your ability to highlight important information about  Afghanistan, the Arab Spring , China, Russia and Syria by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Source : Stirring Trouble Internationally ' Obama Wants Chuck Hagel As... ' Attribution 2013 January 11th.