Bibi Still Wants To Bomb Iran – Hear That Barak?

Cori Backermann writes from Tel Aviv about Bibi Netanyahu the situation in Iran and the world interest in Israel around the world.  

Iran is the threat

Netanyahu’s Likud-Yisrael Breitenu alliance TV showman Yair Lapid won 19 more seats in the political competition. Knesset is one place Netanyahu will have his eyes on.

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Yair Lapid say something interesting about the West Bank according to Cori and he hopes to scrap military exemptions for Jewish seminary students. Shelly Yachimovich another challenger of say's 'Netanyahu will struggle to form a government'.

Yair Lapid

The real big issue about Iran are the risks of being a catalyst for World War III as long as they halt the nuclear program in Iran everything should be ok.

Netanyahu’s military with the help from the US should be enough to stop the Iranian nuclear facilities. The Iranian nuclear program will be paused for at least a decade.  

Yair & the girls
Yair & the girls (Photo credit: >>TAM<<)

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