Retail Chains Go Belly Up. But The Internet Is Not The Main Reason For It

Retail chains going down. The Internet is the least of their problems.
R.F.Wilson writes from London: Another retail chain goes belly up in Britain that is supposedly going through a sluggish recovery, if you listen to people like George Osborne, a man who moonlights as Chancellor.
Ann Summers, Croydon, London CR0
Ann Summers, Croydon, London CR0 (Photo credit: Kake Pugh)

The latest to fall is Blockbuster Video, a chain of rentals of  DVDs and computer games, which has called in the administrators this week, even though it was pretty clear about a month or two ago that it was going under. 
Just as it was pretty clear that HMV, the music store chain that called in the administrators the day before Blockbuster did, was not really doing very well. The same was with Jessops, the photo equipment chain, that went down a day before HMV. 
HMV store
HMV struggling to move CDs 
Macdonald's - Shibuya
Macdonald's - Shibuya (Photo credit: Stéfan)
The Ann Summers lingerie shops are doing well, coffee shops are doing fine, McDonalds are doing surprisingly well and the hairdresser will be the only ones left of the high streets if these business things do not get sorted out.   
Retail analysts seem to say that certain products are easier and cheaper to obtain through Internet shopping and that this sort of shopping is becoming more and more prominent. More stores are providing this service, even supermarkets are providing delivery however often these services cost the shoppers in the store. This was the news on television recently. 
Black Friday article - Buffalo News / Part 1
Black Friday article - Buffalo News / Part 1 (Photo credit: inju)
Jessops store
Jessops gesloten
 # Shopping for CDs and films on-line again is very popular, this could go two ways, less quality in your films and not great quality of sounds to listen to your favourite music. Albums are very good and people like to own albums other people like to simply download the single and add to their own mix on their iTunes players.   
The retail trade around the world is being effected by the free market as traders do the same trading online without the overheads of rent. Also exporting from other countries is becoming easier to do. Source ' Retail Chains Go Belly Up... ' Stirring Trouble Internationally
Jim Bob's insight:
From digital camera's to sexy lingerie is it any wonder shops like Ann Summers are staying afloat during this rough recession and shops like Blockbuster and Jessops are taking the knock. Sales of  Compact Discs, DVDs have plummeted in the high street shops and George Osborne has been saying some interesting things about the HMV Group, what is happening on the Internet, why are Jessops broke and why McDonalds are still making coin. This is today's News of the day. The topic today is about retail and ecommerce.
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