If Kate Middleton’s First Child Is A Girl Is It then the end of 'Primo Geniture'

If you like history of the British aristocracies or studying the laws of the Kingdom you will also like today's article by Thomas.

The Queen
The New Republicans

Thomas Mathew writes from London another satirical report about the Queen analysing the speech she made at Christmas late last year about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge daughter on the way and the decisions made about what to call her if indeed she is actually a girl not a boy.

English: Queen Anne in the House of Lords
English: Queen Anne in the House of Lords (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Today's post includes interesting and educational things about the Act Of Succession have yet to be debated in parliament and may still not get through the House of Lords,

The Letters Patents, the Houses of Commons and the Lords and the Acts and approvals given by the Queen.

Kate Middleton
Then it could be the end of primogeniture in Britian
There has been many changes in the direction of the wind blowing in Europe over the past ten years or more and this is great post to get more of an incite into these changes and how these changes are being considered both by the UK and the Monarchs.

If changes happen and what is primogeniture?

  • Find out more about the European Directives particularly the ones accepted here in the UK these past ten years.
  • You will also find out more about Tony Blair and how he managed to get his Constitutional Reform Act 2005 accepted into the statute books and how he won over the approval of the Queen.
Find out what all these means about right of abode in the UK and more information about people living in the United Kingdom and some great descriptive contrast about citizens’, in light of recent results coming in from the New Labour. Source Stirring Trouble Internationally