Prince Harry’s Security Review Taliban TV Interview

This is a story about protection, freedom of speech and consequences of war with the rich and famous. Adam Lovejoy writes from London about a TV interview with Taliban fighters who met a tour of duty from the UK in Afghanistan.

One of the people you may know about we mentioned it yesterday, growing concerns are arising about Prince Harry and his safety.

  Harry and the Taliban

 P R exercises can often be confusing and in the Prince Harry Afghanistan tour of duty case it's very confusing. The British throne in Afghanistan?

Well in Helmand the pressure seems to have got to him and his words mean a lot to his fellow troops who are now helping him even more than they were before.

The first tour of duty was in Camp Bastion in Helmand and Harry did surprisingly well there, but there were some reported risks about security then this tour is no different, apart from the recent statements released in mainstream news.

Fun time Harry

The Royal Family understandably are concerned about Prince Harry perhaps a tour of duty is not the best option.

Perhaps a trip to Vegas is equally not as good for public relations, it's a difficult one. It is believed that Scotland Yard are doing everything that they can to ensure Harry’s security, this from what I have read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally will only mean the girls will want Harry even more.

Source ' In Case The Taliban... ' Stirring Trouble Internationally