Political Correctness And Where It Originated

Anton Goryunov writes from London: A beautiful woman asked me recently to explain to her what political correctness stands for these days and where it originated.
Vladimir Lenin
 The story begins with the Russian Bolsheviks and their leader Vladimir Lenin PC Political correctness became a reality.

In Soviet Russia DSC_0225

In Soviet Russia DSC_0225 (Photo credit: D.Clow - Maryland)[/caption] The leaders of the glorious ‘Socialist Revolution’ were actually working for German intelligence who wanted Imperial Russia destabilised and taken out of  World War I. Jackson Pollock

The Bolsheviks  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and streaking came from it was Soviet Russia. Classical art and music and literature were  considered outdated and all sorts of primitive modernist trends mediocrities and nonentities and political correctness. Bolsheviks بلاشفة

 Feminists under Soviet power appearance to please the Bolsheviks by making themselves look more like men and called this Equal rights for women. This was very popular in the 1920's communist Russia and landed them more jobs replacing men in the usual roles they would stereotypically do.

English: Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, Mar...

English: Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, March 1919. Русский: Ленин и Сталин (снимок сделан во время VIII съезда партии в марте 1919 года). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] It was politically correct to accept proper science,  Charles Darwin embraced by Bolsheviks as one of the greatest scientists ever.

  Swinging Sixties

1960's we see another rise in political correctness, Bolsheviks resurfaced the Western liberals. The Western liberals of the 1960's now grown up are far more advanced than the Russian Bolsheviks and are involved in the education system, influence what happens in the arts and later used TV to introduce more people the PC virus (political correctness).

 Source '  Taking A Closer Look At Political Correctness  ' Stirring Trouble Internationally