Children Raped And Killed In Syria. Terrible, But What Did Everyone Expect – A Nice Civil War?

women and children of syria
Manfred Stark is in Beirut  working and interviewing aid agencies has revealed in a new report that women, girls and boys are being raped in the Syrian civil war.

Manfred reports that the US-based International Rescue Committee has documented many people leaving Syria for fear of being raped.
  William Hague and Khalid Abdulla-Janahi - Worl...
William Hague and Khalid Abdulla-Janahi - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Manfred also points out that the UK and its foreign rep William Hague is trying to drum up some support for Syrian refugees. Meanwhile back near where the trouble is most President Bashar al Assad is reportedly finding it difficult to cope with all the rebels who are challenging a getting involved.

normal life in Syria

There have also been reports from Human Rights Watch saying that very nasty bombs are being used as well as people being Raped and killed this is definitely not a nice civil war? Syria is reshuffling its leaders and the voting soon should help the majority decide one great thing about democracy.

This is according to what Faisal Mekdad reportedly said. To get the full article you will have to go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. Source ' Children Raped And Killed In Syria... ' Stirring Trouble Internationally