New Album Review: Pitbull – Global Warming

Pitbull - Global Warming
Freddie Matthews writes from London: 31 year old, Armando Christian Perez is better known by his stage name of Pitbull. He’s an American rapper from Miami, a songwriter, actor, record producer and also a No.1 seller.
I Like It (Enrique Iglesias song)
Pitbull last year did a nice track called Give Me Everything and he had both Ne-Yo and Nayer helping him out, if you like Pitball and are curious about his new album then you will get a lot from reading today's review. Find out more about Contemporary Hit Radio in both the US and the UK and find out who likes Pitbull the most.
Genie Gets Her Wish
This new and 7th Pitbull album, Global Warming which includes tracks from Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias you will also find out who is the new Mr. Worldwide.
English: Enrique Iglesias and Ronald McDonald ...
Global Warming by Pitbull and a Brit Award find out if this might happen by reading an review of Pitbull's new album Global Warming.