Aung San Suu Kyi Is The Darling Of The Western Media. Time To Think Again

Meng Chai writes from Yangon about  Aung San Suu Kyi and the funding she has been receiving for her causes.  In this post you will find out about democracy, funding and politics.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Meng Chai asks the question that is on everyone's lips and that question is 'How do people get rich in Burma?' Easy. In today's post you can find some interesting and helpful suggestions but this is not something that the public will be able to carry out however knowing this stuff is going to help you to get from where you are now and where you want to be. And along the way if you follow what Meng is presenting here you will be able to avoid the mistakes that others have made and quickly go from a to b.

Aung San Suu Kyi is greeted at Members’ Entrance
Aung San Suu Kyi is greeted at Members’ Entrance (Photo credit: UK Parliament)

One such suggestion is start a ruling military junta. Another suggestion from President, Thien Sein, and an elected parliament with members of Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) is mirror other political countries. See what they are doing and do the same thing. Suu Kyi has lots of funding from a couple of multi millionaires and Meng Chai talks all about the latest news there with who is giving what to whom and more importantly perhaps is why.
  St. Mary's Cathedral at the corner of Bo Aung ...
St. Mary's Cathedral at the corner of Bo Aung Kyaw Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find out more about the Parliamentary elections coming up in two years and read about the  oligarchs around the world scouting the country. If you live in the area I am sure you know about how well economically things are getting. These oligarchs Meng mentions are solely down to two individuals who have  the capital to prop up the NLD and are only to aware about America and its black listings. The United States are not alone because the European Union also has a list of countries they have on their leave alone list.
  Norwegian Nobel Committee
Norwegian Nobel Committee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suu Kyi has many options available and its very easy to accept millions of dollars  from rich Western countries but the best bit of advice Meng Chai has for her is to raise the money from home.
Rohingya Muslims

The problem with making money from home is not an easy one and as you will find out there has been a lot of work done of fixing this. The problems are perhaps due to the diverse ethnic minorities in Myanmar. If anyone knows how to overcome this problem it is a  Nobel Peace Prize winner. The residents no matter how diverse should listen to her. Suu Kyi is a good representative and a lot of countries are attracted to what she is saying about democracy to Burma. That is why there are so many foreign investors waiting to invest in her. But as you will find out there are many challenges showing in the years of the Chinese dragon.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally