Brussels Is Actually Pleased With David Cameron’s EU Speech. But Is Not Showing It

In today's article you can find out what Brussels thinks of David Cameron's speech. Ben Delicious reports for Stirring Trouble Internationally. The points the EU have highlightes for Brussels to take on board about British people thanks to David Cameron is really interesting, its not what you think. The head of the European Commission in case you do not know is Jose Manuel Barroso and they have suggested that they are over the moon with British PM David Cameron's speech. They like it so much according to Ben Delicious that they are not sure how they did not write it themselves. You can read about other members of the EU and like to think of themselves as European Council President people like Herman Van Rompuy another Belgian politician. These type of speeches never come without a conversation and Ben suggests that David Cameron got some ideas from conversations with Tony Blair over the phone about the EU referendum currency debate.
Brussels seems well pleased as you will find out there is a rise in Tory support in the UK.  In this article you will find out how Britain has changed and how life in the United Kingdom Independence party without  a proper leader will guarantee David Cameron's popularity during these up and coming hard times.
SourceBrussels Is Actually Pleased With David...'' Stirring Trouble Internationally