Schwarzenegger’s Last Stand Is A New Beginning

Arnold returns to show the new generation of young ‘Action Heroes’ that age ain’t nuthin’ but a number. 
 Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new film out its called The Last Stand and released in cinema's on January 18th 2013 according to Facebook. 
The Last Stand opened in the UK yesterday other films the Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in recently to watch are The Expendables. Doing politics in Hollywood was inevitable and now he is back with what he does best. 
English: Montage of the old-school action heroes
English: Montage of the old-school action heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
So the US have reviewed the film as positively as they could so we might be seeing more of the Governor of California in rich mixed media. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblyman Joel And...
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblyman Joel Anderson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 
If you are wondering what it maybe like to be relocated to the Mexican border from sunny Los Angeles to then see your team wiped out there you have an idea of what this film is all about. Find out all about Johnny Knoxville on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
The Last Stand
If one thing really needs to work in an action film it’s the action and The Last Stand does not disappoint. Rick Dixon writes from Cambridge about the original Terminator He’s back! Jokes aside this is a positive review about the anticipation of a positive Hollywood film. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs. 

Jim Bob's insight:
An ageing small-town Sheriff relocated from Los Angeles looking for a quiet life in a sleepy Mexican border in search of A New Beginning starring Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger more commonly known as Batman and also in  California he is governor of both politics and entertainment, thanks to similar hits like Expendables, Johnny Knoxville and now the Last Stand starring Schwarzenegger move between United States and South America.
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