Celebs Sex, Booze And Dope A Lot They’re Thick

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about actors and actresses and pop acts and comedians and models and people famous for no specific reason. His point is that this often leads them to seeking fame in sex, booze and dope but never quite pull it of leaving them as famous and as boring as before they began these popular crazy recreational activities.

wine and cocaine

Adam points out that celebrities get targeted with rubbish and that they only got rubbish but believe that they still have a problem. Celebrities like Russell Brand and Britney Spears who have openly admitted that they could not hold their drink and the real dope they thought they had, was actually no good they got some other rubbish. They are very silly people.
  Charlie Sheen does the Sunday Comics
Charlie Sheen does the Sunday Comics (Photo credit: susie.c) Seeking notoriety for these things give themselves something to talk about when basically they do not have much to talk about. Entertainers have suffered the same silly problems for a long time. The difference is a few years ago the sex, booze and drugs were much stronger than they are today. Then there are there Hollywood stars who end up in steamy movies and Adam Lovejoy has taken a good look at these and concluded that  Charlie Sheen and Halle Barry are not proper actors because these films do not show anything steamy or sexy. The stars and celebrities are targeted and manipulated to portray certain images because they are thick.

Charlie Sheen

Some Pop acts however do end up looking  like zombies due to all the abuse and these people are not who you might think, they are not the open type about these problems. People like Brian Wilson for example from the Beach Boys and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stone. Adam seems to think these guys are good examples of what booze, sex and drugs and rock and roll have been about. Either way its not very pretty.

  Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice (Photo credit: artnbarb) These guys who like the  Rolling Stones like Baby boomers of the sixties are reaching retirement age and are ready to settle down to what who, knows. Adam mentions some interesting propositions. Who knows where all these wealthy people will go. Chances are they will turn back to where they came and spend all the money on rubbish.

  English: Brian Wilson during a performance at ...
English: Brian Wilson during a performance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It is of the public opinion that 'Celebs' are a liability and are partial to a bit of Sex, Booze And Dope which by all standards is very silly. Silly because the celebs never actually get what they want not as much as they used to anyway and thankfully this is the case. Everyone gets better much quicker, the problem is they bore the public, friends and family with their story.

  English: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 197...

English: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 1972 tour at Winterland in San Francisco, in June (Photo credit: Wikipedia)