New Album Review: Crystal Castles – III

Freddie Mathews writes another music review about a band from Toronto Crystal Castles.
English: Crystal Castles performing at the Pop...
 English: Crystal Castles performing at the Popped! Music Festival in University City, Philadelphia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Crystal Castles are an electronica band and you can hear one of their video's here.

  Crystal Castles

 Crystal castles include Ethan Kath and Alice Glass and they started out in Toronto, Ontario and the music is very unusual.
Crystal Castles (video game)
Crystal Castles (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You can read the full review by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
English: Alice Glass of Crystal Castles at Pop...

English: Alice Glass of Crystal Castles at Popped! Music Festival, June 21, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The most successful song they have has over the years of creating music in a cover song called 'Not In Love' originally by 
The Cure’s Robert Smith.

Rock Crystal Crozier
Rock Crystal Crozier (Photo credit: greyloch)
 You can listen to Crystal Castles III on 
iTunes and if you have a look around you will find a concert recorded in Warsaw.
Crystal Castles
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Telepath is another tune to listen to Wrath Of God and Sad Eyes.
 could be from a 1980’s Depeche Mode or  for the first 30 seconds at least. And finally the innovation continues with Transgender, Violent Youth and Child I Will Hurt You – it’s a seminal album. Surely I can’t praise every single one of the tracks.
A Large Pint!
A Large Pint! (Photo credit: soilse)
Freddie somewhere in his reviews says that the band sounds a bit like the band Erasure. Source ' Crystal Castles...  ' Stirring Trouble Internationally