Of La-Land And Obamaland: Somehow The Borderline Is Getting Very Vague

Obamaland money flag
Obamaland money flag
 Dan Majestic writes from Washington about the closing of the borders between Obamaland and la-la land.

Amero - Chimerica

La-la land - Source: Apocalypse Road Blogspot
 The so-called ‘deal’ to avert America falling off the ‘fiscal cliff’ of increased taxes and government spending had been reached in Washington after a bout of cheap dramatics and embarrassing spin doctoring by everyone involved.

The White House and team have congratulated Obama on saving the world from another fiscal cliff crisis. And the President's allies on Capitol Hill have addressed the constructed problem in a bid to save the market which as a market goes is not the most supportive environment for change and overcoming everything.

Obama Speaking About Elections
Obama Election Quotes
America and in Europe has become a Hollywood farce and Obamaland is one euphemism for the hybridisation of terms like la-la land, Hollywood Land and Euro-Disney.

Cartoon - Obama Off Cliff
Source: Siers

President Obama in Hawaii visiting the family for a Christmas vacation disrupted by difficult choices to be made about the markets in the USA. The economists supporting Obama were lost without him, he was only away a few days before they rushed him back for an emergency meeting to get his advice about what to do.

Obama during elections Stirring Trouble Internationally.

 Now the fiscal cliff has been about for a while now, when George Bush junior was president they were talking about it then and at a similar time when Bill Clinton was in power the Almeuro was invented, the Euro dollar hybrid currency predicted to take the world by storm. In 2013 we will see similar memes with the Chimerica.

The Hawaii state seal.
The Hawaii state seal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And all this going on whilst the Fed is printing money which in hindsight la-la land is a great description of the world we live in Obamaland is just one popular extension of these expressions of the way people are interpretive of the world. And the more they pump their money into other countries the brighter the future is set to be, this is the word of Obamaland more commonly known as la-la  land.
borderline outside
borderline outside (Photo credit: cervus)

President Obama saved the world – again, thanks Mr President for taking time out your busy day whilst on vacation to help.  Borderline whether you did help, but hey that's Obamaland for you.

Source : Stirring Trouble Internationally