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Northern Ireland
Ben Delicious reports from Belfast about the continuing violence there. Reported burnings and damage has been done and the world is wondering why these sorts of things happen. Find out exactly what trouble this causes for people living in the area and find out more about who is causing all the trouble.
City Hall, Belfast, with statue of Queen Victoria
You can find out about which sections of the Belfast City Council have been effected and find out the latest updates that can help you the next few days. The call outs to deal with all the troubles in Northern Ireland in response of loyalist protesting outside the premises.
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Get the inside information from Belfast about the flying of the Union Jack and find out some interesting things that are quietly discussed in City Hall about the fifteen days of the year the flag will fly.

Belfast City Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In this satirical review Ben asks interesting questions about Council members in the area in order to in his own way understand these violent protests.

He has a point many police officers have been injured in the troubles and the world is watching. Find out how sticks and stones can definitely hurt people.

Ben makes a comical sketch of the troubles reported recently in Northern Ireland  and reminds everybody that Northern Ireland remains an important area in the United Kingdom.

English: Belfast City Hall, Belfast, Northern ...
English: Belfast City Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, November 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem has been about for over a month now it's not something new missiles, fireworks, bricks and bottles have all been reportedly used by protestors.

Regardless of all this tension Ben highlights how the Prime Minster David Cameron reacted to another unrelated situation about defending the Falkland Islands.

Belfast town hall
The British Red Flag raises 15 times more a year than nothing
Find out more about the recent violence as Ben leaves no stone overturned and what effects have happened with the alliance parties and what Dublin thinks about the recently voted decisions in the area.

Make up your own mind by reading more on the subject and the decisions being made by local councils as more and more cutbacks are put in place. Source Stirring Trouble Internationally