New Album Review: Everything Everything Arc

 Freddie Matthews writes from London from an interesting band called Everything Everything.
Everything Everything
Everything Everything are 'similar to Bloc Party' this is what Freddie thinks, listen to the video see what you think, if you disagree then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and let him know.

Everything Everything
Everything Everything (Photo credit: LifeInMegapixels) 
You have probably heard of them before because they were nominated back in 2011 for a Mercury Music prize . The first  debut album the year before that  PJ Harvey had a popular song which Freddie says stopped them from being nominated.

If you have listened to P J Harvey you will understand why.

Arc are a band you can expect you listen to on UK’s radio stations they have another song which they want you to know about called Kemosabe.

Freddie keeps comparing bands to The Smiths and this band is no different he compares them to these too, find out what he meant by reading the full article please.

Everything Everything

Freddie additionally notices that this new album has a track on it that may or may not have been influenced by Mumford & Sons in case you have not heard of this band I have included a link to a YouTube video of theirs that you can listen to.

Compare the two if you wish its them live on the David Letterman show.

 Source ' New Album Review Everything Everything... ' Stirring Trouble Internationally