Republicans Advised To Model Themselves On Richard Nixon. To Get A News Lease Of Life

Jukka Renkama writes from Washington How about Richard Nixon as a role model for modern politicians? Republicans, actually. In America, of all places. Fox News correspondent James Rosen and politics for Republicans who copy Nixon into a  majority. in 1972  he got into the Oval Office again and was later impeached in the ‘watergate’ scandal.

Nixon was a conservative, a patriot with a liberal agenda and brought to the world Nixonomics to challenge the opposition George McGovern who disliked that Nixon was a pro-rich Republican.

Nixon US international commitments Washington Democrats the Watergate scandal changed a lot of things. Nixon with Latino voters and help from the GOP and the Democratic voting African Americans.

Latino voters

Nixon competence on Nixon of international politics who occupies the White HouseMitt Romney unlike Nixon he was an easy target to the Democrats. A rich mans candidate and memory of George W. Bush.
Nixon money and manpower.
The GOP needs a modern day Richard Nixon. It has to move to the centre to win next time.
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