Governments Imposing Fines On Banks: It’s Life But Not As We Know It

RBS bank
Fining banks just like the banks fined you

Adam Lovejoy writes from the City of London writes a satirical post about life as we know and the recent announcements of governments fining banks.

A £100 Royal Bank of Scotland note of the Ilay...
A £100 Royal Bank of Scotland note of the Ilay series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Find out how the tables have turned for the Royal Bank of Scotland,  find out more about Libor fixing as a way of understanding why banks avoid government officials for example Adam chooses one example of the Chancellor George Osborne a cabinet minister.

Adam at work
Adam at work (Photo credit: Lisa Connolly)

Find out more about the RBS and you will be surprised to find out who owns them. Find out more about British taxes and the banks funding systems to keep the level of the economy going that we see today.

George Osborne
George Osborne brings special highly intellectual tax enticements

In this article you can find out three interesting things about the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and in earlier posts within the archives you will also be aware that saving Scottish banks is something that Gordon held close to his sleeve.

By understanding this and understanding more about British banking industry you will be one step closer to understanding why failed banks on your high street fail.

English: Royal Bank of Scotland Spinningfields...
English: Royal Bank of Scotland Spinningfields
Part of the regeneration of Manchester with a mix
of commercial and residential. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By doing your own homework about  commercial banks and debt collectors you will be one step closer to figuring out how to stay out of debt when everyone else around you goes into more debt. Take action and go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read as much as you can before the penny drops.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally ' Governments Imposing Fines On... ' January 2013