The Week In British Music January 2013

Gary Barlow

Freddie Matthews writes from London about 'Future Records' organised by Gary Barlow and the recent announcements about the business failing by as much as 4 million. despite these losses find out Gary's contributions to the Music Industry earned him a Trust award and an OBE for his contributions to charity work.
Emile Sande

English: Image of English singer Ed Sheeran
English: Image of English singer Ed Sheeran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Find out all about the record industry in the UK during 2012 and get the latest figures from the BPI all shared in the days article by Freddie Mathews. Find out why music is still really popular despite the change in the number of people here in Britain who are purchasing music.

Find out the best places where you can own a new Digital album and read a bit more about Emeli Sande.

Freddie laments on the past and how the music industry was the best profit-making industry here in Britain, he goes back to the seventies and works his way quickly up to the drops in figures we see today.

He also highlights some interesting things about 2012 that I am sure you will want to know about too.  In this article you expect to read more about Emeli SandeEd Sheeran and other popular musicians who proved that they can still sell music to the masses.

Find out more about how professional football players are getting involved in order to boost the industry. Find out more about sponsorship from the The Football Association and find out more about the football bands practising for something big in 2013.

You will find out other things about how highly paid well-trained footballers are bringing their experience and knowledge to the industry to keep the music industry up in the air. 

Freddie touches base with the  2012 Olympic Stadium and asks and interesting question about the future events we can expect from this venue, where you can go and have a good night out and find nice British Music.  Find out this and much more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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