The 18th National Television Awards – The Backslapping And Boredom Continue

Who won what in this celebration of mediocrity and irrelevance and ultimately who cares? Rick Dixon writes from Cambridge about television here in the UK and the  National TV Awards
Downton Abbey
You can read in more depth about Popular Drama for example Downton Abbey; Doctor Who,  Sherlock Holmes watching Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes glaze over and his lips move in silent calculation to demonstrate his immense intellect at work and read a positive review about the winner.
 strictly come dancing
Some more awards has been given to the  Most Popular Talent Show category a mixup between The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing you will be surprised who won.
 Any and Dec
Most Popular Entertainment Presenters is something else you will want to find out about, candidates include Ant & Dec Google and YouTube , other shows selected in these awards worth mentioning are The Jeremy Kyle Show and the  Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and find out everything you need to know.
Jim Bob's insight:
The National Television Awards created more winners this year. Here are some examples of what you can expect Ant & Dec  Benedict Cumberbatch, Boredom, Downton Abbey, entertainment, Jeremy Kyle Show and more Media.
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