Living In America * The Platinum Eagle In Fort Knox * By Suze L. Rhys

The Platinum Eagle can solve all Obama’s cares. It is an illusion just like his economics

Trust is good, Control is better .. Control is...
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 A one trillion platinum coin to fix the US debt ceiling coined in Washington by the US Treasury check it out by going to your local post office and have a look at the posters in the cabinet.

1938 ... 'Way Of Life'  - Post Office mural
1938 ... 'Way Of Life' - Post Office mural (Photo credit: x-ray delta one) 
News in from the White House (President Obama) about platinum and other helpful commodities. You can expect to read about the US Bullion Depository in Fort Knox and, the Oval Office  doormat, the Treasury Secretary and his suggestions on how to overcome ‘loose change’ and other really helpful satirical tips on how to increase the dollars strength.    
Find about more about Rube a student from the MacMahon institution.

MacMahon Bridge  -  Dublin
MacMahon Bridge - Dublin (Photo credit: infomatique)
an Irish student who in his paper about economics addressed the FDR with this simple one step solution to everyone's problems. 
My last hope
Jim Bob's insight:
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