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The price for tickets in the main draw of the National Lottery to double. Supposedly in responce to people wanting more fun out of the lottery. Adam Lovejoy writes from London explaining the Poor man’s tax in Britain coming from companies like Camelot with the national lottery increases.
Man selling lottery tickets, Barcelona
Man selling lottery tickets, Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Yes say the  National Lottery you have until the autumn to continue investing one pound on a ticket. In this article you can find out a bit more about John Major and his passion for doing the lottery in Britain  Find out more about the lottery in general and how tax increases will be reduced by the rising prices of special tickets.
Lottery Winners Barbara and Michael Ayres
Lottery Winners Barbara and Michael Ayres (Photo credit: Montage Communications)

 Find out why Chancellor George Osborne is helping aid austerity by approving Camelot price increases and find out more about who buys lottery tickets and how this sort of thing can really help during hard times.
Infographic: How Euromillions are spent accord...
Infographic: How Euromillions are spent according to Camelot Group (Photo credit: dullhunk)
 Find out how every cent matters and how many people will go all in during the announcements. The good news is for these people who buy lottery tickets they will soon be able to win £25. You can find out how and how your double increase on tickets will raise the amount of winnings you can win by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
English: Britain and Birmingham has balls A Na...
English: Britain and Birmingham has balls A National Lottery promotion in Victoria Square Birmingham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Camelot and the new Lotto is happy to help out in raising more cash for charities that need this sort of thing.
Jim Bob's insight:
At a news agents near you changes are expected in Autumn. Curious about Camelot need to know more about the Camelot Group wondering what the Colorado Lottery has to do with entertainment then this post is definitely for you. Get the reactions and decisive strategic steps made by George Osborne this week and flashback to what John Major was passionate about and how London the Lottery all share similar things. Curious about your  National Lottery, want to know more about the safety of the Pound sterling not sure about what this poor peoples tax is then read some interesting news from the UK which tells you everything you need to know, from now till Autumn.
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